Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby, It’s Cold Outside



Don’t bet on it.

Despite it being summer in the southern hemisphere, by all reports the temperature dropped below that record low in Johannesburg yesterday. I’ve gathered a series of images showing the gathering clouds that blew in the cold front.

As you can see here, some people are more sensitive to the falling barometric pressure that indicates an approaching storm. Some however are totally oblivious.

Screenshot Studio capture #1556

The insensitive ones are completely caught up in their own activities when all of a sudden – BLAM!


The deep freeze arrived like a fury:

tumblr_inline_mxkm8xpRJi1qij8k6“The -135.8-degree temperature is more like you'd see on Mars on a nice summer day in the poles,"

Or perhaps a fury scorned.

Screenshot Studio capture #1555

As soon as the full force of the storm cell appears, self preservation skills begin to kick in:

 Screenshot Studio capture #1557“Lord, please don’t let me hurt him too bad; we still have to go to Hawaii later this month.”

Screenshot Studio capture #1557Helle: “If I’d known Hurricane Michelle was going to strike, I would’ve brought an umbrella.”

Despite rolling up her sleeves to deck one of them, Lady M eventually calmed down and decided to use the teacher’s method of dealing with these situations; she just made them change seats.

Obama-flirts-with-Denmark-PMs-seat switch“And another thing, Helle, I hate your people’s stinky little fish sandwiches.”

Whew! That was a close one! Big Guy sure doesn’t seem to do learning. This isn’t the first time he’s been caught in the middle of Hurricane Michelle. You all remember the Thalia incident don’t you?

Unfortunately, Jimmy Kimmel captured the whole thing for the Presidential library:

So maybe the interpreter for the deaf at Nelson Mandela’s memorial was a complete fake, whose signing of Big Guy’s speech was complete nonsense (hee):

South_Africa_Mandela_Interpreter_sff_TH170_20131211065440Fraudulent signer/interpreter with…Barry. Hee.

butt Big Guy’s apologies were sincere; both the one he delivered to Raul, and the one he delivered to Lady M.

And hopefully all this blow back we’re getting over this international incident will teach Barry an important  lesson on proper protocol when headed into a storm: always remember to bring your umbrella.

umbrella bo.1bmp

That way you can avoid these awkward “clean-up after the storm” shots.

mandela11n-15“Yeah, baby, you’re still my number one beard.”

Maybe I should nominate him for another Noble for this peace accord?

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