Friday, December 13, 2013

Sometimes Being the Winner Sucks

And the Winner of this year’s Biggest Liar Award is…at least I think that telling the Politifact’s Lie of the Year makes you the Liar of the Year, right?

lie of the year


So I think you can safely add Politifact to the ever growing list of the IRS’s audit clients. Right behind Spirit Airlines:

spirit obamacare themed ad

That Obamacare themed ad was bad enough, butt this…this is just irresponsible. And in bad taste.

spirit ad24260-1386874110-8Oh no! They didn’t go there! Oh yes they did.

And apparently these irresponsible practitioners of free market capitalism have forgotten how the rules work under Big Guy:


Which is to say, we change the rules as we see fit and punish you if you don’t keep up. Take Obamacare for example; Kitty changed the rules again yesterday, extending the deadline for actually paying for your January 1, 2014 coverage from December 23 to December 31.  I should note that maybe a teeny-tiny portion of the reason for moving the date is due to the fact that we, uh, still haven’t built that end of the system yet.

pic_giant_120913_SM_Theres-No-Obamacare-Comeback-YetUnder-ConstructionBecause paying isn’t the most important part when you’re busy transforming the country

So here’s fair warning to all you evil insurance companies: keep up with us because if you screw up and fail to process claims from anyone who said they had placed their Obamacare plan on layaway before the end of the year, it’s going to be your fault.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, I see Minority Leader Pelosi busily lined up support for the bipartisan budget deal despite it not going far enough to fund and support all the usual Democrat causes. Understanding their concerns with the lack of pork, she nevertheless instructed her team to buck-up and “embrace the suck:”

Leading by example,

pelosi_034Damn, that sucks!

The minority leader told her members that the deal may be unsatisfactory but they should “embrace the suck.” sucksjpg

Scheeze! What the heck do they think we’ve all been doing for the past 5 years?

Obama Lemon


Screenshot Studio capture #1563

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