Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just One Cockamamie Idea After Another

A lot of you were busy trying to sign up for Obamacare while Babs interviewed the Wons on 20/20. And while that was a better use of your time, I know you’ll want to see the frock that Lady M chose for our annual Bab-bul fest:

babs bo mo

Some people might have thought it dowdy, butt I say thank goodness for small favors: at least it had sleeves. Here’s how Huff Po -  people who know more about these things than we do – described it:

Leave it up to Michelle Obama to take our favorite winter color combo -- navy blue and black -- to another stylish level.

The first lady and President Barack Obama sat down with Barbara Walters for their first joint TV interview this year, and Michelle wore a polka dot printed dress from Prabal Gurung's Resort 2014 collection.

Michelle's navy blue, black and pea green dress was well-coordinated with POTUS' blue tie and navy blue suit. And she even brought a bit of that color up to her eyes with a subtle green smokey eye. (Fancy, huh.)

A navy blue, black and pea green polka dot printed dress by Prabal Gurung?  Fancy-schmancy, I’d say!


131129_wn_walters_wnGreen smokey eyes? Yeah, that describes them.

I’ve taken the liberty of extracting the important parts from the hour long interview for you.

First, regarding the problems with

(CNN) - Obama has taken responsibility for the website’s flaws, saying he should have been told earlier about the serious issues with’s digital infrastructure. He’s also apologized for his vow that people who liked their plans could keep them.


In Friday’s interview, Obama said he was looking for answers soon on why the rollout failed so spectacularly.


“Obviously my most recent concern has been that my website’s not working,” Obama said. “We’re evaluating why it is exactly that I didn’t know soon enough that it wasn’t going to work the way it needed to. But my priority now has been to just make sure that it works.”

blaming someone else

Translation: “We’re investigating why I wasn’t made aware of my responsibility regarding the operational status of the Obamacare system, and had to find out about it on the news the same way you did. The investigation will ultimately absolve me of all culpability because, after all, I didn’t built that on my own, somebody else built that for me.”


Butt here’s the only real news out of the Babs interview: Big Guy is apparently NOT planning to run for a third term! He noted that when his second term is over Malia will be in college butt Sasha will still be in high school, and they don’t want to move her away from all her little high school friends:

"So we've gotta—you know we gotta make sure that she's doin' well… until she goes off to college," the president said.

Quelle surprise! The Wons might not be moving back to Chicago after all! That is news. The last president to remain in Washington D.C. after his term expired was Woodrow Wilson – the first president to make “progressive” a dirty word for the better part of a century.

Anyway, the take away here is to note what a good father Barry is, always focused on the health and welfare of his loved Wons:

"'Cause she's, you know, obviously they–and Michelle–have made a lot of sacrifices on behalf of my cockamamie ideas, the running for office and things."

I trust that I need not point out they’re not the only ones who’ve made a lot of sacrifices because of his cockamamie ideas?

5.5 million lose insurance5.5 million individual plans cancelled so far


I’d pick my favorite cockamamie idea, butt goodness, I don’t even know where to start!


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