Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obama Gets Schooled On The “Root” of Prosperity

“Let me end by addressing the elephant in the room here, which is the seeming inability to get anything done in Washington these days.”

Woo-hoo! I’m dying here! Did you catch that? The “elephant” in the room! Ha ha ha! The do-nothing “elephant” Congress. Kudos to the speechwriter who came up with that, you’ve got a standing job offer on the Daily Show.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Big Guy pivoted away from the continually unfolding disaster of Obamacare yesterday back to the economy which, by comparison, is doing much better.

bo devil earsDonkey ears for the Prezzie making elephant jokes

Making the claim that income inequality is “the defining challenge of our time,” Big Guy pivoted back to what he hopes will be his priority for the next three years: fixing that pesky inequality through even more redistribution of wealth.

“The basic bargain at the heart of our economy has frayed,” Big Guy said, implying that we no longer offer an honest day’s wage for an honest days work. He said that challenged “the very essence of who we are as a people” and called for an increase to the minimum wage.

I know somebody who would agree with his statement whole-heartedly; Madison Root. You know, the little 11 year old who harvested mistletoe on her uncle’s farm,

madison root picking mistletoe

packaged it up, tied with a ribbon and tried to sell it in a park in downtown Portland.

madison selling mistletoe

Only to be shooed out of the area for violating city ordinances regarding the sale of goods in parks. Begging, hanging out, smoking pot there - all cool. Selling mistletoe to help pay for your braces? Not so much:

'People can get money for pot but I can't get money for braces? I'm working for this, they're just sitting down on their butts all day asking for pot.'

Here’s an 11 year old girl who understands the principle of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage” far better than our Prezzie. And I dare say she also has a better grasp of the unintended consequences of well-meaning government intervention and regulation as well.

The country needs more Madison Roots, as well as more Mr. and Mrs. Roots who raise children like Madison. In Portland Oregon of all places!

Get out of her way, and Madison will be able to realize the American Dream: I wonder if she’s home-schooled?

Oh, and for the record: the elephant in Big Guy’s front room is not the do-nothing Congress, it’s the do-everything Congress. The rear-end problems with Obamacare haven’t been addressed yet, and they show signs of festering. Not to worry though, we’ve got our A-team of tech experts (“the best and the brightest” by Common Core standards) working on it.

praying-it-forward-for-bo_thumb_thumObamacare: Praying it FORWARD! Period.

This Economics Lesson was brought to by your Democratic Party:

“Spreadin’ Your Wealth As Fast As We Can!”


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