Saturday, January 11, 2014

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! or, “If you like your job, let’s HOPE you can keep your job.”

Announcing the 2013 finalists in “The World’s Most Dubious Recovery” Contest:

1.  Barack Obama

For his “economic recovery” which is, by his admission, now into it’s fifth year. Unfortunately it has proved to be a “jobless recovery.”  With 92 million Americans now “officially” deemed to be out of the workforce, we have a labor force participation rate of just 62.8% – the lowest since 1978.

Jimmy Carter Miss Me Yet

With only 74,000 jobs created last month, the fewest in five years, the economy managed to create just 1 job for every 5 people who abandoned the American Dream and gave up all HOPE of ever finding a job.

The good news: with such a miserably low labor participation rate we’ve taken so many people out of the equation that we can now boast the lowest “unemployment” rate in 5 years! I know! It does seem like mathemagicals™!

Or, next candidate,

2. Fidel Castro

For his 7 year “recovery” from “not having cancer.” For the record, Fidel himself is surprised to be alive, saying he did not expect to survive “not having cancer.”


fidel castroFidel, in a recent photo, is no longer participating in Cuba’s labor market.

So take our poll: who do you think deserves this year’s “Most Dubious Recovery Award?

Keep in mind that Fidel is a former winner in the category “Most Dubious Caribbean Island Economic Recovery” for establishing “Promise Zones” to provide “aid in cutting through red tape to get access to existing resources.” Here are some of the results that won him the award:

havana has solved the traffic congestion problem Promise Zone 1: helping entrepreneurs set up food carts in downtown Havana

havana cuba urban farmPromise Zone 2: helping urban gardeners grow food in Havana - Are you paying attention, Detroit?

cuba-cars-10Promise Zone 3: avoiding First World traffic congestion by outlawing any vehicle made after 1959

On Big Guy’s behalf, I should note that having 92 million people out of the labor participation pool means that nearly a third of all Americans are now unproductive! That means we may well be on the way to becoming a “Third” World Country too! So remember that as you cast your vote(s).

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