Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Equality. Let’s “spread it around.”


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“Look, the president needs to find an issue to campaign on. This is what he's good at. He's really good at campaigning. Maybe not governing.”

obama the fog of governing Because of the fog of governing. Or something.

Yeah, maybe he’s not; good at governing I mean. Funny it took so long for anyone to notice though.

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Hey, I’ve got an idea for a campaign issue! How about income equality? Big Guy and his handlers love to talk about it and anything that includes “equality” is always a winner with the peeps-who-vote-twice crowd.

bomo fans dubuqueAs well as the true believers

Maybe we could even get some of our biggest supporters to jump aboard. Oprah, for example?

With her $2.9 billion net worth I’ll bet she wouldn’t mind turning over just one of her multiple multi-million dollar properties to help equalize things. Say her Hawaiian estate - after the birthday celebration of course.

oprah 634x407

Remember when Hawaii served as a leper colony? We could update that charitable concept to better serve today’s social needs and sensibilities. I can see it now: “Oprah’s Temporary Residence for Career Challenged Urban Campers.” 

Oprah’s Maui pad is an ideal location for this repurposing:

from oprah's wrap around porch hawaii

The balmy weather would cut down on the carbon footprint created by most urban homeless shelters. There’s plenty of room:


Just replicating the population density of Chicago she could house, by my estimate, about 250 of the city’s chronically unemployed at her pad.

Sure, it would be a little tight at first, butt as you can see, there’s plenty of room to build another dorm:

Oprah_Winfrey_home. renos hawaiijpg

Alternatively, we could use the extra land to plant an organic garden and raise a small herd of Wagu cattle, thereby making the redistributed home completely sustainable!

tours_104_600x411Welcome to Hale Oprah Maui, where every room, including the wrap around porch, enjoys an ocean view.

With the lowest GDP since the Great Depression Barry has chosen, wisely, at this point, to focus on income inequality rather than his old Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! platform.

obamaplan jobs

As he pointed out last December, when pivoting away from jobs and towards inequality,

"a dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility" is "the defining challenge of our time."

Today, expect Big Guy - with a sea of career-challenged persons of all colors and genders standing behind him -to demand that the do-nothing Congress temporarily extend the emergency unemployment payments for the sixth time. He will indicate it is just until the continuously growing robust economic recovery kicks in fully (around the time Obamacare is operating smoothly), and a small step towards solving the dangerous and growing trend of inequality in this country (much of which has taken place under his watch, butt would not be his fault).

As they always do, critics are expected to respond with this old argument:

“If the goal is to deliver higher incomes and a better standard of living for the majority of Americans, then generating economic growth—not income inequality or the redistribution of wealth—is the defining challenge of our time.”

Boy, that’s pretty old school.

160 roundsWM copy“We are on correct path, comrades” H/T Vereteno

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