Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Barry Prepares to Take Putin to School

Hey look! MO is in the kitchen! With Chef Sammie Kass and Rachael Ray:

rachael ray selfieShowing off our “boy” brows

The most remarkable thing about this fisheye perspective is the fact that all three of the selfie subjects have exactly the same eyebrows! And while I can’t speak for Sammy, Rache’s eyebrows – like Lady M’s – have been evolving:

rachael-ray-eyebrow liftEyebrows, evolving; along with everything else

"My 1st #selfie! Excited to be joined by @FLOTUS & @letsmove's Sam Kass @ the White House. Watch Weds @RachaelRayShow," Rachael tweeted.

The Rachael Ray Show is butt one of many celebrations of Lady M’s No Child’s Fat Behind 4th anniversary. We’ve already done Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler, another shrimp:

Screenshot Studio capture #1812

Where she dazzled the local children with her golfing skills:

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Visits Miami mZb9Y6baNKKl

Except for the little girl standing off to the side, who seems horrified by the sight of the ball slicing through  the window.

Later MO shared a lunch of veggies with some children:


Butt it was a tough sell.

michelle 001

The kids didn’t seem to enjoy their lunches any more than their counterparts around the country:

The federal government’s changes to school lunch menus have been disastrous, causing problems for cafeterias trying to comply with the rules and leaving the menu so expensive or unpalatable that more than 1 million students have stopped buying lunch, according to a government audit released Thursday.

Butt don’t worry, we’re going to stay the course and the kids will eventually get used to the lunch room realities. Just like the rest of the country will eventually get used to a crappy economy, crappy Obamacare where options are lean and limited, and a new slimmed down American role in geopolitical affairs.

And then, it was off to dance with veggies:

First Lady Michelle Obama joins children for a Super Sprowtz show, a "Let's Move!" event at La Petite Academy child care center in Bowie, Md., Feb. 27, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Wow - check out those Super Sprowtz!

sprouts and mo

Not to be outdone, Big Guy visited a school yesterday too, to talk about his budget, and speak his mind on the situation in the Ukraine. Because, what better place to cover these subjects?

bo obama at school

While he was there, BO participated in a restorative justice circle with the children, in preparation for later negotiations with Putin over the Ukraine. After the session, Barry made this macaroni art for Vlad:

we need to talk

Although I don’t think we should get our HOPEs up; I have a feeling that “restorative justice” in Russia doesn’t mean what Big Guy thinks it means.


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