Friday, March 21, 2014

Breaking: Wind Arrives in the Forbidden City

For those of you who’ve been missing the fashion updates of the recently shuttered Mrs. O site, good news! I think she’s taken her keen eye for fashion over to Huffpo. At least this sounds like her:

Velvet and patchwork and shine -- oh, my.

Michelle Obama, along with daughters Sasha and Malia and mother Marian Robinson, arrived in China Thursday, but you'd never know by looking at them that they just took a 14 hour flight.

The ladies of the first family not only look fresh-faced, but extremely fashionable as well in their travel outfits. FLOTUS stunned in a body-hugging black, tan and white Derek Lam dress (and thigh high boots!!), while Sasha and Malia chose bold, colorful skirts.

The first lady is in China to discuss the importance of education (and NOT politics), but the family will get to do some sight-seeing as well. We can't wait to see what else these gorgeous ladies will wear on the trip.

She does know that Air Force Won Two is decked out like a 5 star hotel. right? Why wouldn’t these “gorgeous ladies” appear fresh as flowers?

mo girls

As you’ll see from this NYT report - accompanied by State (China) approved photos, the gorgeous ladies are holding up their end of the bargain. Today was a potential mine field however, as Madame Peng chose “three quintessentially Chinese specialties” for Lady M to try her hand at: calligraphy,

Michelle Obama First Lady Michelle Obama Travels BzniRbpMHGpl

table tennis:

Michelle Obama First Lady Michelle Obama Travels YDKGbPSnQHRl

and mathematics:

Michelle Obama First Lady Michelle Obama Travels oYP33RsRCxwl“I’ve heard of math and science.”

Except for the table tennis, the others were challenging - have you ever seen MO’s handwriting?

handwriteNo wonder we’ve dropped cursive from Common Core

And everyone knows you don’t need math in law school or Washington D.C.

Fortunately we had a packed schedule and couldn’t spend much time at any of the activities. Next, we managed to squeeze in a whirlwind tour of the Forbidden City, where all the commoners were swept away to make it easier for our special guests to get around – just like back home!

Michelle Obama First Lady Michelle Obama Travels PIA7vftLEitl

“The family were swept through the Hall of Supreme Harmony, and the Hall of Earthly Tranquillity, where the emperor’s concubines lived and slept on a bed covered with red brocade.”

Michelle Obama First Lady Michelle Obama Travels PSKBtU2nE2ylMO, in Imperial Red brocade, at the Diaoyutai State guest house in Beijing

You’ll also be relieved to know that we haven’t had to deal with the smog so far, as a stiff wind arrived to clear the skies:

Others commented on how Mrs. Obama was greeted by a blue, pollution-free sky. “Now Michelle’s here, it’s immediately bright and blue again.”

A breath of fresh air! Again, just like in Washington.

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