Monday, March 17, 2014

“CriMeA” River

Crimean voters took a historic step yesterday,  voting to secede from the Ukraine and submit return to Mother Russia. The votes were actually counted before the polls opened in order to keep things moving on schedule. In honor of this historic day, I thought you might enjoy a review of the event as it unfolded, in image and song: Scroll, baby, Scroll! (Or is that skol?)



See? Just like Stalin promised: free elections!


Screenshot Studio capture #1439Voters in Crimea walk to polling stations to cast their votes



Armed Russian troops guard the polling stations to protect the “integrity and fairness” of the vote.

No! Wait!



Ok… That’s more like it.

Screenshot Studio capture #1441“WTF? I need a Russian issued ID to vote???”


voting copy

Casting ballots on the question: “All Crimea Are Belong to Mother Russia?”


Screenshot Studio capture #1446

Exit Polls Show A Heavy “Da” Turnout


Screenshot Studio capture #1444

Although There Were Reports of Scattered “Nyet” Votes…


Screenshot Studio capture #1445

“Nyet” Voters Awaiting Relocation to Their New Siberian Home…


So my advice, in the future: put your money on Putin. Because remember:


so you can-WM

Now that Pooty has made it  clear how easy it is to call for  a (successful) secession vote, I just want to mention that it might start giving people around here ideas. And depending on which state votes, they may either vote to  join Mother Russia, or form their own new country.



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