Friday, April 18, 2014

Bow-chika-bow-wow! It’s back to college week for the Obamas.

Both Lady M and Big Guy went back to college this week; MO was at Howard University:

On Thursday, first lady Michelle Obama and rapper-slash-actor Bow Wow joined 37 students from Chicago public high schools for a tour of Howard University, our colleague Krissah Thompson reports. According to the first lady’s office, Obama specifically requested Bow Wow for the event, an annual college visit called “Escape to the Mecca” — a nod to the university’s nickname “the mecca.”

The first lady said she was “very fond” of Bow Wow, whom she met during a 2013 appearance on BET’s “106th and Park,” the hip-hop talk show he co-hosts.

111913-shows-106-park-michelle-obama-bow-wow-keshia-chante-15Lady M and Bow Wow on the set at “106th and Park” – Lil Bow Wow’s on the left.

She praised his commitment to education and encouraged the students to pursue higher education.  “No longer is high school the bar. That is not enough in today’s globalizing economy.”

Lady M advised her touring entourage to check out the dorm rooms, saying “You might be living here. I’m just visiting.” Be advised, however, that sometimes she visits and decides to spend 8 years.

mo bow wow at Howard univ.Checking out a Howard University dorm room; again, little Bow Wow on the left…

Also this week Big Guy and Happy Uncle Joe visited Community College of Allegheny County, in Oakdale, Pa., to tout a new spending program that is intended to encourage technical training at community colleges. Alas, when the grey hairs creep in, it appears that the old black magic creeps out. Even the hand-picked college students standing behind BO seem less than enchanted: (h/t Sassy)

“Hello, Allegheny County! (Applause.) Joe and I decided it was time for a guys’ trip. (Laughter.) Actually, Michelle and Jill wanted us out the house. (Laughter.) So we decided to take a little road trip,” says the transcript, even though the video shows the laughs were scattered and muted.

Boy, he’s going to need to step up his game if he ever intends to give Jimmy Fallon and Jon Stewart a run for their money. I suspect we’ll be getting some new joke writers soon. Because let’s face it, stuff like this was funny five and a half years ago:

”We’ve spent the past five-and-a-half years fighting back from the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes [and] the good news is our economy is growing again, our businesses are creating jobs.”

Butt after, well, five-and-a-half years, people are starting to get a little bored. 

Anyway, hands down, BO and Joe were more enamored with each other -

bff bojoBO, photo-bombing Joey’s 1st selfie

than any of their assembled constituents were:

Barack Obama Barack Obama Joe Biden Discuss qbb-rjCe8A1lMy advice for the boys: head out to Detroit, they still love you there. Just be sure to bring some more of those Obama bucks and Obama phones along with bags of bailout money and you’ll be idolized for decades to come. Just like Jimmy Carter.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…what the heck is it with liberals obsession with domestic terrorists? I see that Harry Reid thinks Cliven Bundy’s supporters are domestic terrorists. And the New York Times thinks our veterans are domestic terrorists.

That’s what happens when postmodernism trumps “objective truth.” When deconstructionism becomes the “law of the land”  words no longer mean anything. And when we leave it to people to define words any way they see fit, one man’s “terrorist”  is another man’s “freedom fighter.”


Then, suddenly, the President spikes the ball, declares victory, and the debate is over. Chalk up another triumph of postmodernism over objective reality.

So remember kids: you have to go to college to complete your brainwashing education, 12 years in public schools can no longer provide adequate propaganda education for you to compete in the new global marketplace. Or, as Lady M said: “No longer is high school the bar. That is not enough in today’s globalizing economy.” If you want to study the new postmodern semantics you must go to college, and then law school, preferably one of the Ivies.

obama_occidental_2 Barry, matriculating his way through a postmodern college education. Hey, where’s the bar, dude? Bow-chika-bow-wow!

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