Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shrinking #Diplomacy and Inflating #Egos

I’m afraid I can’t ease your jitters over the  Russia/Ukraine situation. Once you’ve turned your diplomatic channels over to social media, the situation is more or less out of your control. Reducing diplomacy to 160 characters may not be as effective as you’d hoped.

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There’s fighting words, if I’ve ever heard any.

Butt here’s something I can report on that’s sure to put your weekend mind at ease: apparently there is “no truth” to the vicious rumor that NBC hired a shrink to find out why David Gregory is so unlikable and the ratings of “Meet the Press” have plummeted to the bottom of the trash heap of history. As Mr. Gregory told a local radio show yesterday:

"It's a complete fiction, there was never any psychological consultant hired. That's utter fiction, that's gossip reporting gone wild,"

That’s a relief. I can’t imagine why anyone would waste good money trying to figure out why America has grown disenchanted with another arrogant, smug, egotistical, know-it-all who acts as if he’s above the law,

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always knows he’s the smartest man in the room,


and for some reason thinks he can dance.

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Seriously, who needs to pay a shrink for that?

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