Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Spheres 2014: That’s How We Roll!!!

Was the Spring Sphere Eggstravaganda a success?

Screenshot Studio capture #1906

Absolutely. There was no video of Big Guy missing a baker’s dozen shots in a row like last year.

been practicingIf I miss this one, confiscate all the iPhones

We’ve been practicing shooting our hoops ever since last year’s embarrassing showing. Too bad we didn’t put as much time into practicing our foreign relations.

And the old tennis game looked pretty good too:

tennisBig Guy, showing Putin and David Brooks that he’s got balls too.

continue to view the ever popular “Spring Sphere Roll-through in 30 seconds, with Peeps.”

As always, this year’s Roll kicked off on the Truman balcony with the National Anthem. For those of you wondering why Lady M didn’t have her hand over her heart like BO and the Bunny, here’s a little behind the scenes shot that explains:


Sunny and Little Bo were looking to their handler for a signal it was time to break loose.

Alas, no such luck:


Since the Wee Wons decided to go to school this year instead of participate in the Roll, that left just Sunny and Little Bo for the family photo ops.

There were plenty of stand-ins for the kids though: From Hollywood, professional juvenile Jim Carrey.


And from Disney hit “Jesse,” all sizes and flavors of kids; here Skai Jackson and Karan Brar try Lady M’s “superfood:”

Skai Jackson, center, Karan Brar, right, from the Disney Channel show 'Jessie'Yeah, this kale frappe is really yummy.

Ariana grande “Jesse” star Arianna “whoops-I-forgot-my-skirt” Grande

There were other, normal, adorable kids in every flavor too:

obama-easter-egg-rolljpeg-07b28_s640x470Hey girl, don’t worry. My hair used to look like that too!

obama-easter-egg-roll13Watch it honey – that’s a real egg! It could have been a free range chicken, butt for Lady M .

whoa that's a really big butt“Look Mommy, Lady M’s table cloth matches my shirt!”

Screenshot Studio capture #1902Having a good time, kids?

Our Hollywood star power was definitely toned down this year. No Willow and Jaden Smith with mom Jada Pinkett Smith, no Glee cast, no Justin Bieber…no wonder the Wee Wons decided to go to school instead. Heck, we couldn’t even get a first string FoodTV chef this year. Like pastry chef Yosses, they don’t like making “healthy” food either.

Oh well, Lady M did get an opportunity to chat with Kelly Ripa (remotely) and Mike Strayhan. They talked about – what else - church:

Lady M: “We try to go to church as much as possible, but when the kids get older, you know, Sunday is some kind of practice, rehearsal, birthday party, you know. So getting us all together on a Sunday is becoming more difficult now that the girls are getting older. But if we’re not going to church, we really try to use Sunday as family downtime where we can kind of breathe and catch up and maybe take a little nap every now and then if we’re not working.”

So I guess “as much as possible” is twice a year, three times during an election cycle, because, you know, we’re busy. And tired. You know?

And now, just because it is our custom here on MOTUS’ little blog, I’m rerunning our first historic Spring Roll Run-Through in 30 Seconds, with Peeps.  If you’ve been around awhile you know that before our first  annual Spring Sphere Roll we did a trial run through with the Staff’s children. It didn’t go so well, and in the turmoil, the actual footage of Lady M greeting the little children was unfortunately lost. So this is a little reenactment that I prepared for you, with Peeps. I hope you enjoy it, butt it is loud so you might want to turn the volume down a little if you’re at work.

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