Friday, May 16, 2014

9/11 Memorial: If you can’t say something nice about Islam, #JustShutUp.

Finally, the 9/11 Memorial Museum opened yesterday.

140515093643-10-9-11-memorial-inside-horizontal-galleryThis New York urban renewal project brought to you by the Al Qaeda arm of Islamic terrorism

The memorial opened its doors after nearly 13 years of bickering with CAIR over how best to honor Muslims’ non-participation in this “man-caused” disaster.

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Deferring to the spirit of the adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” I’ll keep this brief. Like BO’s remarks:

“Mr. Obama’s remarks were crisp and short. He was given just three minutes on the program, although he took nine, an unusually short speech for a president at such a high-profile event. But he was not the main focus of the day.”

0BO, not the focus of the day

Instead, yesterday’s focus was on the people who died that day in one of several man-caused infernos. All died by the hand of Islamic terrorists; victims of an evil, anti-female, anti-gay, anti-American, anti-Semitic and incredibly barbaric political/religious cult.

BO told the assembly of survivors and family members of victims that the museum was a special place dedicated to the memory of the event and the victims: 

“Here we tell their story, so that generations yet unborn will never forget.”

Due to time constraints, BHO failed to mention specifically what we don’t want the yet unborn to forget: that if we are to protect our freedoms we must be forever vigilant and willing to fight ruthlessly against the evil in the world that despises the very tenets of our freedom and democracy.

And I’ll stop there, having run out of good things to say about Islam.

In fact the only other good thing at all about yesterday I can think to say is that it takes a very special woman to make Hillary Clinton’s butt look small; Lady M rose to the occasion.


Although we’ve come to expect as much, her dress seemed a bit unusual for such a somber occasion. Butt I guess it was better than the sleeveless frock sporting an asymmetrical hem and equally odd blouson waist that she arrived in:

deplaning His and Her Grace deplaning, respectively, in New York and D.C.

Sort of, I guess. Again, having run out of nice things to say, I better quit.

I leave you with this final thought: soaring rhetoric calling upon us to “never forget” such evil is simply shallow, hollow and cheap sentimentality unless we are willing to do what ever is necessary to prevent it from ever happening again.

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