Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not In The News Weak

A brief recap of what is/is not considered “news” in the MSM this week:

News: the Whitehouse report on “Climate Change.” Because the religion of global warming has determined that floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat, extreme cold, etc. etc. can be stopped by imposing new fuel standards and energy taxes on the American public while China and India proceed to build new coal fired plants.

Whatever happened to the separation of Church and State?

thumb-Nat_Post_Al_GoreThe Algore Church of Inconvenient Truths

Not-News: The formation of a House Special Committee to investigate Benghazi even though it’s only the second to be formed in the 21st century, and we still don’t have the answers to why 4 Americans were left to die in Benghazi.

Dude, that was, like, 2 years ago.

Trey_Gowdy-1Four Americans are dead! “Dude”

I wonder: If we can’t even stop the murder of 4 citizens in an American consulate in Benghazi what makes us think we stop “global warming” around the planet?

I know, that’s pretty heavy stuff. Here’s something that might be easier to wrap your head around: Lady M’s new “Reach Higher” program:

Screenshot Studio capture #1952“Be the first in your family to snag one of those $100,000 college diplomas!” (guaranteed value: a 40 year old high school diploma)

Here she is, kicking off the initiative at the University of Texas, San Antonio: (h/t Full-Metal Spanx and Diogenes’ Middle Finger)

Full Metal Spanx-reach higher

Because without a college education, you will never be completely indoctrinated educated in the subject of global climate change, and learn how your SUV is raising the temperature and destroying the planet.


With a college diploma, you will learn that you can just ignore that big fiery nuclear reaction at the center of the solar system; it’s just there to provide light so you don’t have to use your energy efficient CFLs all day long.


And remember, despite all the deniers and flat-earthers, the climate is changing. (h/t Larwyn’s Linx) Climate change has no beginning. It always was and it always will. (h/t The Baltimore Catechism

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