Friday, June 27, 2014

Bead-Dazzlers for Replicants

Today’s reflection: jewelry

Specifically, what does your neck jewelry say about you?

I know there are still a lot of disturbing things going on, butt don’t worry, Big Guy is still out there “working for you” “every day” despite all of those “phony scandals” “geared towards winning elections or ginning up a base.” So if he can take some time off to golf, we can take some time off to discuss bling.

Besides, BHO has made it perfectly clear that we need to lighten up. So, since it’s Friday, it’s summer and this is a fashion blog let’s talk about necklaces. I’ve noticed that liberal women tend to favor big beads and pearl necklaces:

From their Congresswomen,

dem congresswomen necklaces

To their Senators,

dem congresswomen

First Ladies,

dem flotus

State Department spokesmouths:

dem state spokesmouths

and even their Womyn’s Reproductive Rights spokesmouths:

fluke necklace

They all favor the beaded, choker style necklace. What is it, do you suppose? A secret Fem-Dem sorority symbol that you find out about only after someone opens those trap doors for you? A talisman of some sort? A discreet way to carry your prayer beads?

Or is it simply a product of liberal mind melding?  You know, the sheeple phenomenon?

obama sheep

I suppose we could blame Jackie for these fashion replicants,

i blame jackie

Butt I blame Obama:


Oh my! Look at the time! I’ve got to run.

Nancy Pelosi ohmylookat the timeI need another facelift

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