Monday, June 9, 2014

Good News! The Boob Belt is back.

That’s right, the boob belt is definitely back for the long haul. First, at the White House where it announced Lady M’s Mayors’ Challenge to End Veterans Homelessness:

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Announces Mayors KguldYcGM0nl

Closeup of the radiator belt:

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Announces Mayors lfGXqbm8E01l

Here’s a crazy idea: how about we actually treat our Vets’ mental illnesses so they don’t end up homeless?

Later, the old double belted radial appeared at Maya Angelou’s memorial, to relate how Maya effected Lady M:


"She made me feel like I owned the place, too. She made me feel like I had been born on that stage right next to her. And I remember thinking to myself, “Maya Angelou knows who I am, and she’s rooting for me. So, now I’m good. I can do this. I can do this.” (Applause, naturally.)

And that’s really true for us all, because in so many ways, Maya Angelou knew us. She knew our hope, our pain, our ambition, our fear, our anger, our shame. And she assured us that despite it all –- in fact, because of it all -– we were good. And in doing so, she paved the way for me and Oprah and so many others just to be our good, old, black-woman selves. (Applause, naturally.)

And as we all know, it’s all about how Lady M feels. And right now, she’s feelin’, you know,  “I’m good. I can do this.” God help America.

And here’s just a heads up: I’m meeting with Molsterman later this week. He says he’s got something I should know about.

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