Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lady M’s Summer 2014 Frocky Horror Picture Show: Part 1

I feel as if I’ve given Lady M short shrift these past weeks. And after all, it isn’t her fault that her ne’er do well husband has been creatin’ dealin’ with crisis after crisis around the world.

So today is dedicated to catching up on Lady M’s frocks of summer that we’ve missed out on amidst all the messes crises catastrophes calamities Overseas Contingency Operations going on at home as well as abroad.

Before we start, let me just remind you that BLM (Before Lady M) everybody – and I mean EVERYbody – wore pantsuits:


And sleeves.

Then came our Fashion Icon and Busy Mom® who transformed fashion in the same manner her husband transformed America. Suddenly, everybody was going with the sleeveless frock look, whether they should or not.

butt debbie_thumb[23]Note to Debbie from  Hillary, the original piano legs-on-a-caboose pol: go with a pantsuit with a jacket that covers your fanny. 

So although I know you’ve discussed some of Lady M’s summer frocks amongst yourselves, here’s a short review of this summer’s transformational looks, in no particular order:

lat-michelle-obama-photos-la0018942262-20140716At the Grammy Museum's Education Award luncheon in LA (followed by a fundraiser)

1406893127006_wps_10_U_S_President_Barack_ObamAt the Special Olympics dinner at the White House, which was all about the stars. No not the Olympic stars, the STARS!

article-0-201493E800000578-763_634x528An artful geometric frock for the National Medal of Arts ceremony, because there wasn’t any Posthumous Medal of Honor Ceremony coming up anytime soon.

kids state dinner2Kids’ State Dinner, after the kale course: whew! That’s quite a wind.

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