Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Death of Mork and Mearth


mork the day mearth arrivesThe world has lost the Father of Mearth

winters mearthmork mindy mearth

Like many of us, Mork, father of Mearth,  yearned for a return to a simpler time; for the Happy Days:

mork ritchie and fonzie

In the end however, the current world proved too much for Mork from Ork.

And although his job was that of a comic, he wasn’t really like that; he was actually more of a nerdy student when he was young. Was he the class clown? Au contraire:

"No, no, I was PRESIDENT OF THE CLASS, " pronounces Williams, giving the honor the deep-ringing reverence it deserves. "I loved school, maybe too much really. I was summa cum laude in high school. I was driven that way. I can't say it was easy to fit in. I just went out of my way to fit in. It was a private boys school, Detroit Country Day, and I played soccer. I was on the wrestling team. Mr. All-Around, you know?” – Detroit Free Press

In fact, he might actually have been the smartest man in the room.

Unlike the man who just thinks he’s the smartest man in the room but undoubtedly graduated somewhere much closer to the other end of the class.

barack_obama_smoking_weed_picture002Smokin’ doesn’t make you smart, it just makes you think you are.

Rest in Peace Robin, and thanks for the memories…

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