Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ride on, Ride on, Ride on! Be careful though, this is unsafe at any speed.

I’m assuming that, like me, you’re already kinda’ bored with the Wons bike ridin’.

still happy

And have seen all you want of our DIC (Dweeb-In-Chief):

dic dweeb in chief Are those white anklets!?! What a dweeb!

So I say we move on to an entirely different kind of Ride.

Now I know, we just did this a week or so ago, butt seriously: can you ever have too many posts about classic cars? And while there are thousands of “classic car cruise nights” all across America, the biggest and the bestest takes place on the third Saturday of August in metropolitan Detroit, home of the American automobile. Dubbed  the “Dream Cruise” - shorthand for the “American Dream Cruise” - the cruisers celebrate the American Dream, which in no small part relied on the independence created by owning a set of wheels to help you move up and on. Which is why a car will soon be a human right in Detroit, along with food, water and cable TV.

The official cruise starts at 9:00 AM today butt the 16 mile route along historic Woodward Avenue has been filled with classic cars, muscle cars, street rods, and custom vehicles all week.

thursday dream cruisePre-cruisers bring their lawn chairs to watch the parade of cars along Woodward Friday night

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the pre-cruise:

1954 Corvette convertible‘54 Corvette convertible

63 corvair convertible“63 Corvair convertible

1966 AC Cobra.‘66 AC Cobra

58 oldsmobile super 88. wing span pg‘58 Oldsmobile Super 88

So go ahead, post your favorite classic ride again. It’s summer and, all rumors to the contrary, it’s still America. And we are all tired to death of the antics of our “Ride On!” Presidential-Resident-In-Chief” (do the math yourself on the acronym).

So return with me if you will, to a much simpler time in America. When the American car was king and Barry was just a little tyke on a bike instead of the PRIC he is. (Okay, I did it for you. You’re welcome.).


Whoa - that’s a sweet ride in the background! I can’t identify it for sure, butt I sure hope it’s not a Corvair. Those suckers were unsafe at any speed!

On the other hand, it may have been an omen (see Gerard’s prescient comment).

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