Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey Man, You Can’t Just Throw Things on the Fire and Walk Away!

I got an email from the DNC yesterday and I totally misread the subject line: I thought it said “BBQ Barack.”

BBQ with Barack

Honestly, MOTUS, Labor Day weekend is always a lot of fun, but I can’t think of a better way to close out the summer than at a barbecue with Barack. He’s even been known to man the grill on occasion.

And while he and I may not always agree on the best way to build a burger, we both know how critical these next few weeks are going to be for Democrats across the country. Now is the time to make sure we have the resources we’ll need for a win in November.

MOTUS, will you chip in $3 to help us out — and to be automatically entered for the chance to fly out to meet Barack?



I thought they were planning one of those classic “Celebrity Roasts” butt I should have known that was wrong - Barry being as prickly and famously thin-skinned as he is.

It actually read: “BBQ With Barack” – they’re raffling off a chance to “man the grill” with Big Guy! So to speak.

bbqYum-mo! Look at that little black shriveled up piece of meat! (Is that racist?)

Umm, thanks Joe, for the invite, butt no. I’ll be in Detroit that weekend, marching in a Labor Day parade.

labor-day-celebration-1938-detroit-afl-unionUnits of the American Federation of Labor (Amalgamated Fighting Butchers Local 630) marching in the Detroit Labor Day Parade (1938).

Or something:

old detroit police in labor day paradeDetroit motorcycle police on Labor Day weekend 1954, preparing for the influx of holiday traffic. I sure hope they don’t act stupidly.

I tell you what though, I’ll send a crock of my homemade baked beans to pass around at the BBQ,


…and you guys can stick around tooting Big Guy’s horn all night long.


Hey, I’ve got an idea! How about a baked bean recipe throw down! I’m sure Barry and Bobby would approve.

20obama.4802Come on man, pay attention! You can’t just throw things on the fire and walk away! 

isis_forcesIf you catch my drift.

Fire: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

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