Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The End of Pax Romana: Can I Get a Big Portabella with that?

Before I continue, I would just like to point out an important and widely recognized (unless you are a “Truther”) historical note: It was Bin Laden and his band of merry Islamic Fascists who started the “War on Terror” not George W. Bush.

The IFs have been fighting non-Muslims since the eleventh century and show no signs of abating of their own volition. The barbaric genocides, ethno-religious cleansings, wholesale massacres and gruesome video execution of journalists may not be sufficient to get Big Guy to go all-in, butt it does seem to be sufficient to end the Pax Romana. While Pope Francis has stopped short of declaring another Crusade, he has indicated that it is time to consider the use of force against ISIS and its new Caliphate.

All I have to say is “amen.” I’m all in with that. Boom, boom, ka-boom; bomb them back to the Paleolithic Age, and their little goats too.


Even world famous genius, physicist and pacifist – no, not Barack Hussein Obama – Albert Einstein, who came to regret his role in the building of the original atomic bomb has come around full circle:


I take that to mean he’s okay with a quantum portabella that will turn the Islamo-fascists and the holes they climb out of into portabella dust.


Portabella h/t Dennis Miller @ 2:21, butt the whole clip is worth watching although, since it is Dennis Miller it’s NSFW:

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