Thursday, August 21, 2014

Somebody’s Jumped the Shark.

Uh oh! Somebody’s jumped the shark, I’m just not sure who.

Was it the New York Times, leading with this headline, raw and uncut:

Screenshot Studio capture #1682h/t Fausta

golf waroutraged…on course.

Naturally that version was quickly taken down and replaced with the new editor’s new version:

Screenshot Studio capture #1681


14884784084_493af0c9b0_z“Yeah, yeah, I’ve got itAppalled…and continuing

obama-basketballAir Strikes.”

thin air“Ok, air strikes. I’ve got it: E=Co2. Cue the carbon credits.”

So can we just stop all this GOP carping about Big Guy’s vacation? He’s working all the time. His schedule is the same whether on the Vineyards or back in Washington: golf, showboating (aka “photo ops”), golf, 5 hour gourmet dinners, concerts, parties - all disrupted intermittently by the real business of government: fundraising, statement reading, feigning interest/knowledge in some obscure domestic/international issue, or whipping up class/race resentment.

So like I said,  I don’t know who jumped the shark here -  is it the media:

obama's golf war

Or is it the captain of our JV team, “Bam” Obama?

Obama 2008Another “air” strike! That’s 11 in a row! Even better than Jimmy Carter’s record!

I’d be appalled too, if I were Big Guy. And really, really mad. Cue the outrage.

President-Barack-Obama-face-reads-WhereStill workin’ on that sincerity thing.

Meanwhile, we can all try to work harder on “writing” our headlines. Remember, “write makes right.”

obama stays on course-nyt copy

And that, my friends, is what’s known as the power of the pen.

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