Thursday, September 18, 2014


For those who think Big Guy exhibits tendencies towards malignant narcissistic personality disorder (characterized by superficial glibness and charm, a grandiose sense of self worth, pathological lying, cunning manipulative practices, lack of remorse or guilt for problems created, a callous lack of empathy, and a failure to accept responsibility for their own actions) – and who doesn’t?this historic montage is for you: (be sure to watch to the end)

Odd, isn’t it? Here we are two years later, we still don’t know what “war” means and we’re still equivocating over the definition of “boots on the ground.” Butt at least we might finally know what Romney meant by “tragedy” @BarackObama 

romney obama

Although there’s still some controversy surrounding that term too.

What Romney thinks “tragic” looks like: (#ISIS #ObamaIsOurBitch)


What our Commander “and” Chief thinks “tragic” looks like: (#MalignantNarcissist #IDidn’tDoThat #SomeoneElseDidThatForMe)

bo vs gw pollThe reverse hockey stick graft clearly demonstrates the approaching global tragedy: Obama Cooling. Hopefully the oceans won’t recede much further.

Boy, talk about your existential threats.

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