Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Battle of Victims: Pumping-Up to WIN Because #It’sOnUs

In yet another case of cops acting stupidly, White House police arrested an unarmed man of color who was just out for an evening walk:


“The location of the arrest — the White House — is not acceptable to the Secret Service and the response will be reviewed.”

Ya think? Maybe this will make Big Guy reconsider the value of a really big fence and a secure border.

In other racist news, the NFL dustup is shaping up to be a tough battle of all the usual victims: young black men vs. women and children.

Here is the lineup of the alleged NFL perpetrators, and as you can clearly see you’d have to be blind, not just colorblind, to miss the racist overtones here. Keep in mind that these young black men are themselves victims of America’s racist hate: 

nfl dwyer washignton petersonnfl rice spievey raineynfl hill sands jeffersonnflwashington greg hardy ray mcDonald

left to right from the top, Dwyer, Washington, Peterson, Rainey, Spievey, Rice, Hill, Sands, Jefferson, McDonald, Hardy, Washington. Note that Washington made the lineup twice, as he seems to be indicating, for 2 separate offenses that resulted in his suspension - although one of them was just for failing his drug test…4 times. I’m assuming steroids.

So while on the one hand this is clearly a racist witch hunt, on the other - as the vast majority of the alleged offenses involve domestic abuse - we’re also dealing with the Republicans’ War on Women.

Who will win the ultimate Battle of the Victims? All I can tell you is that all the smart money is on the War on Women at this point:


Because we’ve got a new buzz-phrase: #It’sOnUs; complete with its own website. Because it requires a sitting (Democratic) President to tell us that drugs and alcohol may lead to sex that you don’t remember consenting to.

Come to think of it, it’s probably a good idea for NFL players to knock off the mixing of drugs and alcohol too: can you say Roid Rage?


So take note ISIS: we may not be at war with you yet, butt just wait until after we’ve “juiced” :

wheatgrassjuice100% Michelle Obama approved for school lunches

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