Friday, September 26, 2014

Rooting Around in Lady M’s Organic Garden of Good and Evil

I guess you all saw the guest posting notice yesterday, so you know that MOTUS is away on a “girlie weekend” and I will be guest posting in her absence. I’m not sure what a “girlie weekend” is, butt I do know it involves an afternoon at a spa with Lady M for manicure,




and Glass Wax-ing.

glass wax

She called me yesterday, during her pedicure, to tell me she was having fun and reminded me not to post turnip porn.

I won’t.

man carrotCarrot Porn

Butt it is harvest time, and with so many schools dumping Lady M’s taste-free, school lunch programs, root vegetable prices are dropping faster than Big Guy’s favorability ratings,


Ipso fatso (h/t: MOTUS) I thought root veggies might be an economical, nutritious and delicious, diversionary topic.


Being something of an aficionado of root vegetables and a CIA graduate (not the culinary school), I thought it might be fun to show you some of the more interesting and fun roots I found in Lady M’s Organic Garden of Good and Evil this year.

MOTUS and this gal became instant BFFs when I harvested her:

carrot lady

I’m not happy about MOTUS befriending and shopping with my pantry items, butt even I have become friends with a few:

veggie critters copy

Ok, so I was really, really hungry when I was in the strawberry patch, butt we’re pals now.

Of course everything in Lady M’s garden is not happy and smiles. Some, on the evil side, are downright scary:


Well, now I’m a little hungry. So I’ll leave you to discuss your own garden finds (good or evil) and your favorite root vegetable recipes. And remember, root vegetables are decorative as well as delicious

Traditional_Irish_halloween_Jack-o'-lantern. FROM  RUTABAGA

and Halloween is just around the corner…

terrified peppers

Reporting from the Big White Organic Garden of Good and Evil,

This is Cub Reporter Little Mo.

Mo cub reporter-88-ICON

Coming soon: Kick up the protein content of your root vegetable recipes:


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