Friday, September 5, 2014

Too Funny. Or Die.

Today’s post is dedicated to Joan Rivers. Because she was funny and she made you laugh, on purpose. Yes, she could be crude, mean, non-politically correct; everything we need as antidotes to the touchy-feely world crafted by our politically correct betters. Oh, they’re funny too, only not on purpose;- and they make you laugh not in a “funny ha ha” way, butt more of a “Funny or Die” way. Which sounds a little like the way those pesky Islamic extremists win people to their side: “convert or die.”

For example, Barry on the Funny or Die network’s “Between Two Ferns” show last March.

funny or die gif

Or Lady M who appeared on Funny or Die’s Snackpocalypse! Public Service Propaganda just this week, eating a carrot:

Lady M’s key line in the bit: “Don’t you hate when trailers give away the whole movie?” as she crunches on carrots. The funny part happened so fast you might have missed it so I did a screenshot for you: here’s the part where she missed her mouth with the carrot and hit her lip-glossed lip instead. And I swear, that wasn’t even in the script – she ad libbed (ad lipped?) the whole thing!

Screenshot Studio capture #2193Wouldn’t you think that pie hole would be big enough for a skinny little carrot to find it’s way into without a special guidance system?

And about her line,  “Don’t you hate when trailers give away the whole movie?”  Why yes, yes we do.

Barry, 2009

h/t Dewey From Detroit’s Flatsimile Theater

Butt Joanie, she was intentionally funny, to her core; her wicked, mean-girl, politically incorrect core. And she did it for 6 decades.

joan 1965vJoannie, 1965

1974 TOM JONES BIRTHDAY joan rivers liberaceJoan, Las Vegas 1974: with Sonny Bono, Tom Jones, Debbie Reynolds and Liberace

1984 Nancy Reagan_39502365_865850Joan, 1984 with Nancy Reagan (!) who is hugging Pearl Baily (!). That’s future First Lady Barbara Bush in the back row.

Joan liked to quote Winston Churchill’s comment that “when you make someone laugh you give them a little vacation.” Thanks for all the mini-vacays, Joanie. We’ll all miss them.

joan rivers 2014aJoan, circa forevermore. R.I.P Joanie

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