Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4 Weeks Left: Still Hitting Singles and Doubles Along With a Few Flies

"But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them."

bo sucking eggsCan we suck these eggs any harder?

Today is your 4 week warning, people: the midterms are on November 4th. In order to assist you with your decisions I was going to recap all of Big Guy’s achievements during his first 3 historic quarters of play.

Butt I see that Don Surber has already done that for us: nearly a trillion dollar stimulus that didn’t stimulate, a Cash for Clunkers program that was a clunker, Solyndra Solar which sunset shortly after the loan was gone, Obamacare – need I say more?, Iraq troop withdrawal – losing at winning. Oh yeah, he did whack Osama bin Laden, butt according to Don, he even screwed that up.

His summary of the Obama years:

Every single thing this president has tried or promised has failed. The economy? Fail. Transparency in government? Fail. Easing racial tension? Fail. Ending war? Fail. Winning Afghanistan? Fail.

Hell, he could not even pull off the Beer Summit between Professor Gates and the white cop. It ended with no one conceding anything.

The only two things he got right in nearly 6 years is his 2009 NCAA bracket and killing that fly on TV.

Butt damn! He was fine with that fly, wasn’t he?

And he is pretty good at catching flies:


Pitching them, not so much:

Obama(We’re talking insects and baseball – don’t go there)

As I recounted previously in my very popular Sad Brat’s Diary post:

Dear Diary,

They send their vermin to torment me,


thinking they can get under my impossibly thin (black) skin. It won’t work. (more)

So remember, these soul sucking policies are on the ballot in 4 weeks, “every single one of them.” Choose wisely, weedhopper.

bo as karate king“Lies only become true if person choose to believe.” – Mr. Miyagi

Because remember, he’s our Lord of the Flies for another 2 years no matter what.

(Actual time can be cut in half if adjusted for vacation, fundraising and golf time) 

Let’s make his remaining days as lame-ducky as possible.

lame duck seal cop3by_thumb[2]

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