Saturday, October 25, 2014

How To Enjoy An Ebola-Free Weekend

I was going to declare this an Ebola-Free zone for the weekend weekend, butt then…this from UpNorthLurkin:

iotw renamed pathogensH/T Fausta  and iOTW

And this photo op of BO demonstrating CDC’s new “Air-Kiss-Hug” protocol with Nina Pham  after she was miraculously “cured” of Ebola:

barack-obama-hugs-nina-phamHow long do you think he can hold his breath while “hugging it out for the cameras?”

Oh yeah, this photo op from the Administration that “doesn’t do photo ops” is going straight into our album of awkward hugs and kisses:

hugsThe “I love you back!” album

kiss if deathThe “I got your back!” album

awkward hugsThe “I’ve got your back too, big guy.” album

sexy ladies hugsThe “Who’s my sexy lady?” album

world leaders hugsAnd finally the “I love you back” part 2 album

Now, in order to offset those non photo ops, let’s just relax and enjoy a few authentic hugs, shall we, starting with one of UNL’s 7 days of why every dog needs a cat (or someone):


And then there is the genuine bear hug gallery:

medo-the-bear-cub-hugs-dog03a-golden-turtle-nikolai-zinoviev-faith-hope-and-love-2011teddy_bear_hugs_a_guinea_pig_postcard-p239575930420815806en8ki_216teddy-bear-collectionpanda kissteddy-bear-hug-4763095

Now get out there and enjoy your Ebola-free weekend.

Oh, and don’t forget: Halloween is next Friday. If you have any special seasonal dishes that we should be planning to make for the occasion, like this ghost and spider pizza;

ghost pizza

or the always popular mummy dogs,

mummy dogs

now is the time to post them.

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