Friday, October 24, 2014

Oops! No Need to Panic!

Well, we had a good run: 6 days with no new Ebola cases.


MOTUS Hazmat copy

I mean, we’re no longer talking about fly over so it must be serious: Ebola in New York? Specifically, Ebowling in New York. The latest Ebola patient is a doc recently returned from his Doctors Without Borders stint in West Africa. He wisely called for a hazmat team to take him to the hospital Thursday morning, butt oddly he went bowling in Brooklyn the night before (via subway). I admire the doc’s good deeds butt maybe our “Doctors Without Borders” should be “Doctors WITH Borders” for their first 21 days back home.

So have we learned here? Well, if you’ve recently returned from treating Ebola in Liberia, maybe quarantining  yourself for awhile is a good idea. And if you’re feeling a little queasy and slightly feverish - but still absolutely positively have to get your bowling fix – maybe eBowling would be a better choice.


That way you won’t have to call in the hazmat team to fumigate your bowling shoes.


And speaking of “oops” and cleaning up messes – can you believe Lady M stepped in it again? Which is to say, one of our little people let her down when loading TOTUS. That’s right, one of our soon-to-be ex-staff members confused Senator Mark Udall’s background (born in Arizona) with his Republican opponent Cory Gardner’s (fifth generation Coloradan). No biggie though:


There were only “around” 1,500 in attendance to hear Lady M “call her husband's job performance "phenomenal" at a rally Thursday in Denver on behalf of Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.”

She reminded Coloradans of the crisis the president inherited when he took office in 2009, when the economy was "literally on the brink of collapse."

"Sometimes," she said, "when things get better, we forget how bad they were."

mo blue and orange

She offered up what she called "facts": Job growth is up, unemployment is down and working families are paying less in taxes.

(hee hee) Even the Denver Post had to put quotes around “facts” in case anyone was paying attention to the Liberal Lies.

lies about sexAnd now: jobs growth, unemployment and taxes too!

Anyway, in what can only be considered as a dog whistle, I note that Lady M has chosen a black and white motif for her final round of whistle stop campaign stops:

campaign in black and white

I wonder where that idea came from?

demflyer2demflyer1Brought to you by the Democratic Party. Is is time to panic yet?

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