Friday, December 5, 2014

Sheriff David Clarke B-Slaps Eric Holder. Pile On!

Wow, there’s a whole lot of B-slapping going on here: In his interview with Megyn Kelly, Sheriff Clarke takes the back of his hand to Ricky Holder (AG, USA), Congressman Al Green (D, Texas), Big Guy (D, WORLD), and Al Sharpton (A-H at large). Compare this clip with the Standup for Hillary video (alternate title: “Burn this B***h Down”) and tell me: who would you vote for?

Butt let’s focus on Eric Holder, our Attorney General who’s been “B-Slapping” Americans of no-color around since he arrived on the scene six years ago. Now, it’s finally your turn; I hope you enjoy my all new POS (Post Obama Syndrome) Therapy® - Eric Holder edition!!

If you’ve already taken advantage of my free POS Barry Therapy®, or my Post-Obamacare Syndrome Gruber Therapy® no further instructions are required. If you’re new to my clinic, the therapy sessions are easy and free (unlike ObamaCare). It requires no previous experience, very little knowledge, has no rules and the objective is purposely unclear – just like being a Community Agitator!


For immediate relief at any time (the clinic is open 24-7) here’s all you have to do:

  • Navigate to my permanent Barry Therapy Clinic (it's over there --> in my sidebar) and select the “Holder” session
  • Watch Holder free fall, banging into and bouncing off the sharp points of Sheriff David Clarke’s badge to your hearts’ content
  • When Ricky lands in a crevasse and stops falling, just grab him by the head, butt or feet with your mouse and push, pull or squeeze him over, under or through the bumpers. He’ll even fit through invisible cracks – just like the slimy rodent he is!

No prescription is required and treatment will be available whenever you need it. So for those of you who qualify, go ahead and exercise your white privilege. See if you can put the points of those stars where they’ll do the most good.

Like stupid, you can’t fix race baiting; butt you sure can fling it around

POS Holder Therapy: reparations for the rest of us

CAUTION: Use only as prescribed. This IS ADDICTIVE!

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