Sunday, November 16, 2014

Post-Obamacare Syndrome Gruber Therapy®

The list of people who have been “Grubered” is growing by the hour.

gruber and his pet cockatooThe Wise Cockatoo, with his little peacock.

The list - which started with the stupid American people – soon included stupid journalists who were mis-misinformed about the math, and then stupid politicians like Max Baucus, Harry Reid and  Nancy Pelosi. And then yesterday Big Guy himself added his name to the list of the “grubered” when he said he was shocked about the controversy involving “some advisor, not even on staff and claimed again that ObamaCare was 110% transparent.

Alas, as Clarice points out, Jonny was not as insignificant as many would have him:

But you cannot pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars, cite him in your speeches and on your websites and in your briefs as an authority and then credibly pretend you don't know him.(READ THE REST!) 

And apparently we haven’t even heard the worst of it yet according to Rich Weinstein, private citizen and investigative cub reporter at large.

So it strikes me that there may be many of you out there who in the coming days will find yourselves wishing you had a way to wipe that smug, condescending smirk off the elitist face of “ Mr. Mandate” Gruber. Well, now you can, with my patented Post-Obamacare Syndrome (POS) Gruber Therapy®!

If you’ve already taken advantage of my free POS Barry Therapy®,  no further instructions are required. If you’re new to my clinic, the therapy sessions are easy and free (unlike ObamaCare!). It requires no previous experience, very little knowledge, has no rules and the objective is unclear – just like our foreign policy.

For relief at any time, here’s all you have to do:

  • Navigate to my permanent Barry Therapy Clinic (it's over there -–> in my sidebar) and select the “Gruber” session
  • Watch Gruber free fall, banging into and bouncing off the ObamaCare bumpers to your hearts’ content
  • When Jonny lands in a crevasse and stops falling, just grab him by the head, butt or feet with your mouse and push, pull or squeeze him over, under or through the bumpers. He’ll even fit through invisible cracks – just like a rodent!
  • If at any time you feel the need to increase the intensity of the session, just grab Gruber with your mouse and fling him wherever you want! He’ll just keep falling.

No prescription is required and treatment will be available whenever you need it. So go ahead, give both levels of my customized POS Gruber Therapy® a go (Level I,  with bumpers and Level II, with exposed hypodermic needles). I’m certain you’ll feel  better instantly.

Remember: you can’t fix smug, butt you can fling it around

Level I:

Level II

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