Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Try it; You’ll Like It! Trust Me.

“Researchers are finding that Washington bureaucrats can get children to ‘choose’ healthy foods, but getting students to eat them is another task altogether.”


“We have been thinking that if young children choose healthy food, they will eat it,” Susan M. Gross, PhD, MPH, a research associate in the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg of Public Health

“But our research shows that is not necessarily so.” – eagnews

There’s a message in there somewhere. Something like “you can lead a horse to water… butt if you fill the trough with vinegar instead of fresh spring water they won’t drink it.” 

Put another way, you can guilt an awful lot of people into making the “correct” choice…

white guilt359779149

You didn’t earn that on your own. Somebody else did that for you:

mo mean mad2

…butt once they discover what it tastes like, they may still refuse to swallow it.

map.the way we are now

So let me make this perfectly clear: we’ve shown you the correct choices so we are relying on you to choose the correct response. Specifically, appropriate restraint and acceptance as the organized Ferguson riots commence, the amnesty by pen order goes down, and moral equivalency is declared between Hamas and the Jewish state. Since you know the correct response, just shut up and eat your peas.


Additionally, will you just stop bugging Barry about Jon Gruber and the Great American Swindle? He just wants to eat his waffle.

obama-breakfast of champions waffles

So if you have any further complaints about the peas or the pea eating monster,

mo snap peamonster ate my peas

please take it up with somebody who gives a damn:

Eat-Your-Peas1H/T to one of MOTUS’ own Teahadists – ykwya!

And one last thought from our favorite philosopher:

calvin what's for dinner

Moral: refuse to eat anything if you have to taste it to find out what’s in it.

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