Saturday, November 15, 2014

Big Schick Finds Out Little Schick is Shooting His Mouth Off

Is there anything better than liberal arrogance flaunted so proudly it bites you in the butt? I think not.

pic_giant_111414_SM_Jonathan-GruberObamaCare for Dummies, by Dummies

So I hope Jonathan Gruber thoroughly enjoyed shooting his mouth off on camera over and over, in that self-aggrandizing way only our big brained betters have. Because I know we sure as heck are. I must say, it’s quite refreshing to see this sort of accidental transparency reveal one of the NeoComs™ basic organizing principles: the ends justify the means.

And has anyone else noticed that the bolder they get, the more totalitarian they sound? So when Sowsear1 pointed out yesterday that Jonathan Gruber’s last name is reminiscent of “Schicklgruber,”  the moniker used to refer to Hitler by the Allied Press, even though it was never his real name, it’s hard to miss the connection:

In the case of Hitler's presumed last name, it seems a lie was more effective, perhaps because ''Schicklgruber'' sounds more ridiculous than ''Hitler,'' even today. Therefore, the lie lives on, being more preferable than the truth. This may be the most enduring success of our psychological warfare experts.

Moral of the story: the Big Lie lives on. Will we continue to buy the big lie of ObamaCare, even after it’s been exposed as a hoax? I don’t know about you, butt whenever I’m faced with existential questions like this I always ask myself: WWHD? (What Would Hitler Do) Odd, isn’t it, how conducive to Hitler Finds Out parodies this regime is?

Hitler Finds Out Field Marshal Gruber Spilled the Beans

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