Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rules are for nice little people; I learned that on the playground.

Why, you ask, is Lady M doing promos with Penguins?

Simple; after a brutal round of campaigning for losers in the midterms she felt the need to get her mojo back. So she put on her big girl dress,


and threw her multiple assets into her good works programs for the week:

mo multiple assets

First she honored art teachers for after school programs where kids can learn things like animation, then she appeared with Doc McStuffins, a Disney character of color who takes care of a batch of stuffed animals.

doc mcstuffins

Then she appeared at a Joining Forces seminar to address women veterans transitioning to civilian life:

Michelle Obama Women Veterans Career Development yXjs1T8aVVll

If she didn’t really look all that happy to be there, there was a reason.

Michelle Obama Women Veterans Career Development O6dFWJgy8eil

If you check out the picture closely, you see the problem: empty seats!

Michelle Obama Women Veterans Career Development yXjs1T8aVVll

At a Lady M event?!? That’s never happened to Lady M before. She blames Obama, too.

So until further notice MO will participate exclusively in events sponsored by Disney and DreamWorks featuring cute animated characters:

Screenshot Studio capture #2326

Actually, that might not be a bad rule for Big Guy to adhere to as well; he might even learn a thing or two about how the world really works.

calvin rules only for nice people_thumb[1]

Maybe he could even launch a post-presidential career by appearing in films and licensing action figures of himself: now available with your Big Obama “happy meal” – an authentic Obama action figure!

bo burgerWant fries with that, little guy?

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