Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day: 2014

There are scant words to adequately acknowledge the men and women who have served our country, especially in times of war, so let me simply say thank you.


Of course, our FLOTUS has always been able to find unique ways to express her sentiments such as this memorable 2009 ensemble:

Concept: military style coat and boots

veterens day military-coat[2]

Reality: Smurf style coat with Paddington Bear mukluks

veterans day reality

Please find your own unique way to honor our courageous veteran’s today. It need not be flashy. 

happy-veterans-day-pictures (1)

NOTE: In reviewing last year’s Veteran’s Day post (Veteran’s Day: Remembering Why We Fight) I saw an update at the bottom that reminded me that one year ago today I heard from Carlyle who we had all been worried about. She was still in the hospital recovering. We are so happy to have her back with us this year in good health once again!

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