Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Last night, I dreamed of a world without peas.

Not my favorite way to wrap up a road trip: it’s going to be a snowy trip through the mountain passes today. So I’ll just wrap up my thoughts on this pea thing, that I can’t seem to get off my brain, and leave you all to sort it out.

pea-brainI sure hope it isn’t something I ate.

As a member of the humble legume family, the pea is well known for it’s ability to create “alternate energy” in the form of *ahem* carbon producing gas (thanks for that insight, Lantern). Therefore one could argue that it serves as a perfect symbol for Big Guy’s regime as it does exactly what we are best known for: being foisted by our own petard.

your peabrain on a tinePea Power – don’t underestimate it

Additionally all those peas that we are constantly being reminded that we have to eat might explain Big Guy’s pea-vish (alternate spelling: peevish) behavior; there is nothing that puts you off your good mood like a case of gas.

bo grimace Frown-Obama

And I suppose it could explain the proliferation of peas-ants (alternate spelling: pissants) around here:

holder rice jarrett

- as well as everyone’s attitude towards the peasants in the kingdom:

Obama_Peasants_Delegates“Look, you didn’t build that on your own…”

Indeed, peas, or at least the pea-brain syndrome, might even explain Big Guy’s attitude towards Muslims and Islamic terrorism (the schtrength thru appeasement plan).

01125111_Par__89380_ImageFileAppeasement Abroad, Socialism at Home: What could go wrong?

So I’d like to apologize for yet another pea thread, butt I blame the lack of oxygen at these elevations, as well as the residual effects of last night’s snow frost – which is beautiful, butt deadly.

ice fog

Or I suppose it could be due to the number of peas I’ve been required to eat over these past 6 years. As I told you yesterday, if you eat too many of them, you will develop a pea-brain.

I think it may be time for another food revolution:

Eat-Your-Peas1This peasant revolt is brought to you by one of MOTUS’ own MOL’s!

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