Thursday, January 15, 2015

#TBT– that’s Throw Back Thursday in case you don’t know.

“Michelle Obama danced with a turnip and knows how to #tbt. Can her savvy help her kids use social media?” Washington Post

To save you the trouble, “#tbt” stands for “hashtag throw back Thursday” – when everybody tweets old pictures of themselves. So okay, she asked for it. Here are just a few #tbt pics from our historic first year, which completely transformed the meaning of fashion:

ammo belt[10]Here we transform our artillery belt into the year’s biggest fashion trend, the boob belt; demonstrating both our fashion sense and our flair for irony.

market day[4]A rather short lived transformational fashion trend: the sweater-fold-and-pin in order to highlight your keister. Lei is completely optional.


medal_of_honor_Jared_Monti_thumb[6][11]The cocktail-dress-as-posthumous-medal-of-honor award ceremony transformation. People are still talking about this one!

pitts way back[3]Ever fashion forward: transforming the lowly sun dress to appropriate G-12 dinner attire.

tablecloth[5]And transforming anything, even grandma’s table cloth, into a sundress.

six toes[7]And in another historic first, here for the first time ever we use the terms “First Lady of the United States” and “short shorts” in the same sentence.

Here’s a slightly blurry, unofficial (i.e. unauthorized) bonus shot of another transformational first: Lady M rockin’ the first documented case of a FLOTUS wearing over-the-knee brown suede boots.

mo boots kittenheels_thumb[2]

Which was a slight improvement over the previous boot shot in our historic first year:

Was2228278Ill-fitting slacks teamed up with boots lined with some sort of dead animal: 


So, there you have it: throw back Thursday in pictures. Butt while we’re at it, let’s mention a couple of the other transformational highlights from that heady first year:

It was the year of the Big Government Auto takeover, which protected the Big Unions from annihilation at the expense of the bondholders.

And remember when Air Force Won took it’s first totally unauthorized and apparently unmanned victory lap around the Statue of Liberty?

air-force-one-300x180 (1)

And who could forget the transformation of terrorism into “man caused disasters,” and boy! Have we ever had a lot of them!

man caused bump in the roadHere’s an IED creating a man caused “bump in the road” in Afghanistan.

And it was the year that Secret Service security procedures at the Big White began their long slide.

partycrashThe uninvited guests show up for their official photo

And last butt certainly not least, it was the year that completely transformed our health care system.

group hugWhat a great pen…if only I had a phone too.

Don’t worry, I don’t think I’m going to be up to this every Thursday. Butt by all means, feel free to post your favorite #tbt pic, if you think you can stomach it.

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