Wednesday, March 18, 2015

“Bibi Wins Big”

Landslide Victory: “BUMMER: Obama loses Israeli election to Netanyahu (UPDATE: includes funniest reactions to the losers)”

Netanyahu-1426667773I guess the Israeli’s are not as averse to staying viable as Americans are

And that is encouraging! Apparently you can still win even when the elections are rigged, the polling data is fraudulent and foreign DICKtators are working to defeat you: 

This unauthorized funding casts an extraordinarily pernicious light on Obama, especially given that we as a nation ought not to interfere with an ally nation’s election... This is why the president has ordered the non-profits to scrub anything from their websites that leads a trail back to him...

So what do you do when your enemy ally wins? Throw a St. Patrick’s Party, dye the water in the White House fountain green and ignore it.


To be fair, Prime Minister of the Irish Republic Enda Kenny deserved a party far more than Bibi; he at least supports Big Guy’s immigration program.

Kenny, making his traditional holiday visit to Washington, again called on lawmakers to pass an immigration overhaul that would address the high number of undocumented Irish migrants in the U.S.

Let’s see if he feels the same way when Muslims decide to turn Dublinistan into part of the caliphate.

Well, I’ve got to run: touch down in Japan! And I’ve got to brush up on my Japanese. 今日は (konnichiwa).

Screenshot Studio capture #2500For the occasion we wore our new sumo wrestlers belt.

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of dead fish in my near future.

pug sushiCan I have one of those? The martinis I mean.

Speaking of which reminds me of Rhambo “dead fish” Emmanuel: if any of you live in Chicago, he could use your vote.

RahmDeadFish300If you vote for me, I promise there will be a dead fish in every pot.

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