Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama’s New Individual Mandate

Elections have consequences, just ask BO if you don’t believe me. So far, Israel’s election has had these consequences:

  1. Bibi has officially been unfriended by Barry. – New York Times
  2. Big Guy is seriously considering taking his toys and going home. Politico
  3. Former Obama campaign chairman and presidential advisor, David Axelrod, accused Bibi of “shameful demagoguery.” (this, from a man, as Mary Katharine Ham pointed out, “ran a campaign that accused Mitt Romney of giving a woman cancer, blessing scurrilous charges of tax evasion, and darkly warning Ohio voters that Obama’s opponent wasn’t ‘one of us.’” – Powerline
  4. Iran’s nuclear arms for peace plan is in jeopardy.
  5. Barry is toying with making voting mandatory, citing how it could change, i.e. transform, everything. - Washington Times

Of all of the consequences, that last one, the “Individual Voting Mandate,” probably has the longest legs.

President Obama, whose party was trounced in last year’s midterm election due in part to poor turnout among Democrats, endorsed the idea of mandatory voting Wednesday.

“It would be transformative if everybody voted,” Mr. Obama said during a town-hall event in Cleveland. “That would counteract [campaign] money more than anything. If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country.”

102precinctsreportingEspecially if all 102% of the precincts report election results.

I know what you’re thinking; “MOTUS, can the government actually pass a law that makes us do something we don’t want to do?” YES! Big Guy learned from Justice John Roberts that we don’t actually “make you do what we want,” we just tax the crap out of you if you don’t.

It could also deal with the pesky issue of campaign financing that BO finds so troublesome,

“We have to think about what are other creative ways to reduce the influence of money,” he said. “There are other ways for us to think creatively.”

vote twice

And once we make it mandatory, it could also help eliminating that pesky 1% that Bo also finds troublesome.


First, you see, we require that everyone votes, then we require that everyone votes the right way.

noko ballot

Is that not brilliant!? If Big Guy decides to run for a historic first-black=President third term, he could actually win a historic 105% of the vote (because underprivileged first time voters will get extra-credit just for showing up).

extra creditGo ahead, pick a card. It’s your extra-credit for being here.

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