Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Did The Wig Hats Do Her In, Or Did the Florist Run Off With Them?

Okay, I’m going to make this as quick and painless as I can.

Yes it’s true, Lady M axed the Big White florist. No, not because she was white, although she was. It was because she and Lady M just grew apart. When Lady M hired Laura Dowling in ‘09 everything was fine as her tastes still ran towards the “classics.”

mo london 09

Which was fine because florist Laura Dowling was also known for her classic floral arrangements.

Butt then, as happens with so many relationships, one partner evolved and the other didn’t. In this case Lady M’s tastes grew more sophisticated over the years and began to veer towards the avant-garde.

first-lady-fashion-se-tava-1Because nothing says avant-garde like a tight, short, dual-print pleather shirtwaist, with kitten heels. 

So the breakup was inevitable: Lady M’s new modern and clean aesthetic:

Japan US Michelle Obama

just no longer meshed well with Laura’s  “fussy style”

Screenshot Studio capture #2528

You can see now, can’t you, why Laura’s definite French style clashed with the new MO aesthetic? Gone too, was the tired old classic dining room, with all those paintings by old dead white guys on the walls.

dining room

In was the modern design, muted color family room where the only color was provided by the modern art of Rauschenberg,


butt more importantly, a very “important painting by the African American artist Alma Thomas, “Resurrection.”ressurection-1966

If you’ve ever painted, you might recognize the painting as derivative of clean, unfussy style of a color wheel blending exercise:

color wheel exercise

Butt I digress: You can clearly see why Ms. Dowling and her fussy, white privilege floral arrangements had to go - Screenshot Studio capture #2529

Now that Lady M has come into her own style and demands something more modern - and if I may say so, more tasty tasteful:


All of which is a long way around to explaining this rather unfortunate, uh, incident, when leaving Cambodia:

buddhas-revenge“Buddha's Revenge” from the Earl of Taint h/t Gerard, who never misses nuthin’

Oh, and one last thing: this newfound aesthetic of MO’s does not stop at floral arrangements, room design and fashion. Her new-found love of all things modern and “unfussy” apparently applies to her own personal look too. Did you seen our new ‘do on Jeopardy last night?

obamamichellejeopardyH/T Clarice, who wonders if the wig hats did her in, or if the florist ran off with them.

That’s all I’ve got.

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