Monday, March 23, 2015

Shut Up and Make the Coffee

Good Morning! If you, like most non-super heroes, need a cuppa joe to get rolling – there’s good news!

do you need coffee batman

You can once again grab a cup at Starbucks without having your white privilege challenged by the barista with a dual degree in philosophy and gender studies. The coffee chain has dropped their “Race for the Cure” campaign, due to extreme blowback; in other words, it was effecting the bottom line.

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According to the Instapundit, part of the problem may have been the hypocrisy:

STARBUCKS: Where Only The Coffee Is Black! It’s not shocking at all that this lame “conversation about race” stuff is coming from an organization that’s as white as a Netroots Nation conference, an Obama campaign HQ, a New Republic alumni get-together or a Vox editorial board meeting.

The primary purpose of race-talk in America today is to allow elite whites to silence and shame non-elite whites. Thus, it’s not surprising that the people pushing it are . . . a bunch of elite whites.

Prompting OldSchoolConsrvtive to comment:

…In fact the only time I think about race is when some whiny a$$hole plays the race card. Then instead of thinking about race logically I am filled with rage that the dumb bastard doesn't appreciate the opportunities given to all Americans. I g(e)t pissed that instead of choosing people like Thomas Sowell and Justice Thomas for role models the jacka$$es mimics some misogynistic racist rap singer.

And WillyPM to observe that the wedding of race-baiter Chris Matthews’ son should be added to the list of “all white” examples:

all white wedding of race baiter chris matthew's sonNYT

So, feel free to move about the coffee world of your choice without fear of being accosted before you’ve had a chance to finish your first cup of the day.

hello darkness my old friendcoffee I've come to talk to you again

So just shut up and sing…

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