Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Me and My Shadow

We’re all waiting for today’s real news, following Bibi’s address to Congress. Butt while we’re waiting, how about that cheeky artist? Wow! Imagine the hutzpah of painting a shadow of Monica’s blue dress into Bubba’s official portrait?

painting1n-2-web“There is a shadow on the presidency.”

Why couldn’t he have just kept his yap zipped? Why couldn’t he have just kept his little act of sabotage a secret and let some future art historian discover it while researching his papers? No, like everyone else around here, he needed instant gratification.

America could have lived with a portrait of Big Dawg that looks like Ted Koppel, butt it will not abide with one that is subversive. So not only will the Bubba painting be removed from the National Gallery, butt artist Nelson Shanks will certainly not get an opportunity to paint any of the shadows of this presidency.

val shadowsLiving in the shadows of the Obama presidency

Surrounded by right wing conspirators and saboteurs like this, is it any wonder Hillary felt it necessary to circumvent the official government email system by using her own personal account while she served as Secretary of State? Because like rules, transparency, is for the little people.

Shadow presidencies, shadow emails, living in the shadows – *sigh* – it’s enough to make you afraid of your  shadow.

bo shadow puppetBe afraid, be very afraid.

Well, I’ve got to run now; I want to get a good seat over at the Capital.

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