Thursday, March 5, 2015

On the Charge of Unsubstantiated Neglect, We The People Find “Guilty”

Remember our free range Baltimore kids? Apparently their parents have been convicted of “unsubstantiated neglect” for allowing them to walk home from the park alone.

0cd6beab67db2808dd4dfe5e3ae34c4ab53a6838The Meitiv kids, engaging in unapproved “dangerous behavior”

How can you hold someone responsible for anything that’s “unsubstantiated?” Where, other than government bureaucracies, would that NOT be an oxymoron?

Perhaps I need to elaborate; what exactly  is “unsubstantiated neglect?” It is something that is not illegal (the law being silent on it) butt that some busybody – in this case Maryland Child Protective Services – thinks should be. Therefore they create an “illegal” act on their own (“unsubstantiated neglect”) in order to file charges against people doing things they strongly disapprove of but their liberal legislature has failed to make illegal yet. I wonder where they even got the idea they could do that?

bo pen_thumb[8]I’m warning you! I’ve got a pen!

bo penAnd I’m not afraid to use it.

This is going to get a little sticky if “unsubstantiated neglect” is going to be the standard for illegality however. Somebody might get it in their head that Big Guy could be held responsible on several counts of “unsubstantiated neglect.” Even though in many people’s heads the malfeasance and misfeasance has been more than “substantiated.” Nevertheless, this new standard raises many possibilities for prosecution:

  • “Unsubstantiated neglect” of the Constitution for unilaterally amending Obamacare (8 charges) without Congressional action.
  • “Unsubstantiated neglect” of the Constitution for unilaterally amending immigration law (6 charges) without Congressional action.
  • “Unsubstantiated neglect” by making “recess appointments” when the Senate was not in recess.
  • “Aggravated unsubstantiated neglect” and dereliction of duty with respect to the non-response to the Benghazi terrorist attack of 9-11-2012.
  • “Aggravated unsubstantiated neglect” and dereliction of duty with respect to the enabling of Iran to gain nuclear weapons (while vowing to prevent it).

Yikes! This “expansion of powers” thing can get out of hand pretty fast can’t it? So what’s the moral of this story? 

“While a presidential pen in hand is worth two laws in the bush;

presidential legislation

watch your back because any one of them can turn on you in a thrice.”

chicks and guns

So remember kids, never walk alone:  be sure to take Big Government with you wherever you go. Because it will always have your back.

big bird not murder

free range

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