Thursday, May 21, 2015

American Capitalism: Chopped, Rolled and Smoked

Can you blame Hillary for believing America has already embraced European-style socialism and plans her campaign strategy accordingly?

obama-appoints-european-socialist-esther-duflo-to-head-us-global-development-councilWelcome to America: the new cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Her approach — outlined in interviews with aides and advisers — is a bet that social and demographic shifts mean that no left-leaning position Clinton takes now would be likely to hurt her in making her case to moderate and independent voters in the general election next year.

Our federal food stamp (SNAP) program tops out at $74 billion/year and “according to GAO, there are at least 18 different nutrition assistance programs, and together they spend over $100 billion annually of taxpayer funds.”  And still, progressive legislators complain that’s not enough.

bernie sanders and wife.“What do we want? We want more!” h/t Johnny Rocco

Possibly because we have a 37 year low “labor participation rate” - translation: 93 million people in America are simply “no longer in the workforce” – and in addition 40% of the 8.5 million officially unemployed are no longer even LOOKING for work! (So we can add another 3.4 million to that 93 million – assuming you know how to do your common core number bonds).

So again I ask: can you blame Hilz for running to the left? Not only does it look like we’ve embraced European-style socialism, butt it looks like we’ve even upped the ante. Therefore the ever pragmatic (some would say opportunistic) Hillary is prepared to embrace paid family leave, paid child care, higher minimum wage, and “affordable,” i.e. government paid, college and endless unemployment…all that in addition, of course, to HillaryKare ObamaKare. All so your children and grandchildren will be able to “follow their bliss.”

So that’s that: socialism! That’s what we need more of around here!


Cuba’s successful experiment with European socialism will now serve to enlighten our economic policies and political ideology for generations to come.

havanaAfter all, Havana (above) was Detroit (below) before Detroit was even Detroit

welcome to detroit we've changed

So rather than fight it, what do you say we just sit back and enjoy a lovely Havana?

obama sniffing cigar

And because America’s had enough of old, white socialist guys, what say we rally around a Clinton/Warren ticket in 2016?

clinton warren sanders

bubba cigarThis political message was brought to you by the Clinton Global Initiative where our motto is: Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em

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