Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hold the Popcorn: Hillary’s Best Emails Are Still In The Can

Oh sure, there will still be barbecues,there will still be parades, complete with marching bands and cheerleaders:

harf leads the parade copy_thumb[3]The very best cheerleaders are made, not born

Butt there won’t be a marathon Memorial Day weekend of Hill-mail to entertain ourselves with, so hold the popcorn for now. Turns out there were only 300 emails set loose, not the 80,000 I was anticipating. Three hundred measly emails? That’s barely enough to get a bird through breakfast.

finch popcorn

And mind you, they’ve all been hand-screened, redacted and authorized for public consumption. As Charles Krauthammer said, there will be no smoking gun:

“There isn’t a shred of evidence,” he said, “because she shredded the evidence. This whole release is a farce.”

Not that there aren’t some juicy bits about inappropriate reporters buried in the dump:

In an interview with Wall Street Journal reporter Monica Langley, an exchange apparently so fawning that Clinton’s aides exchanged a series of emails mocking the reporter’s obsequiousness and repeated invasions of Clinton’s personal space, the secretary made it clear how hard she had taken his loss.

hillary-red-“Whoa! Back off there Monica! Can I call you Monica?”

She took Ambassador Stevens loss so hard in fact that she forgot his name.

chris stevens

Butt of course, what difference at this point does it make?

So here we are, 300 emails later and all we’ve learned is that Hilz likes hard copies and she sleeps late.


They really should hold the briefings at 3:00 AM when Hilz is still wide-awake and par-taying.

So just sit back and enjoy the skill of this highly honed political beast. From claiming she wanted the State Department to release her emails “ASAP” – when she was the one holding them up - to the 300 hand-selected emails dumped on this holiday weekend, Hillary has displayed all the customary hubris associated with that legendary Clinton mystique.


Not to mention an inherent cynicism of American voters. Butt if Hillary is cynical about the voters, she might want to remember that what goes around comes around.


“She thinks we are all stupid and that we don’t get it. But we do: Hillary set up her home server to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act, she did just that, and once caught, she wiped her server clean and got rid of everything she didn’t want us to see.”

Oh, I forgot, we also  learned that Hilz knew the State Department had asked YouTube to block that anti-Muslim video. And while “leaning on corporate cronies to suppress Americans’ speech for political ends would be a disqualifying offense for a candidate in a sane world,” in the Clintonian world where dog whistles are routinely and cynically deployed as needed this will simply be written off as another vast right-wing conspiracy.

So fire up the grill and get the burgers, brats and dogs ready. That will be the only good roasting you’ll be enjoying this weekend. Because the really juicy bits have still not been released.


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