Friday, July 24, 2015

America, Take Heart: If Frank Can Do It, So Can We

Today’s post comes compliments of Mark Steyn, writing about one of the greatest come-backs in musical history:

According to Scott Fitzgerald, there are no second acts in American lives. Which isn't true. But there are few second acts like Frank Sinatra's…the man who had lost his fans, lost his voice, lost his agent, lost his movie contract, lost his TV show and lost his record label is back at the microphone. He takes his time, colla voce, and declares himself:

I've Got The World On A String
Sittin' on a rainbow
Got the string around my fi-i-i-inger...

As Mr. Steyn explains, Frank’s comeback was made possible by the inspired, if somewhat accidental, collaboration of his talents with those of arranger/conductor Nelson Riddle. There’s a moral in there somewhere that America might do well to take to heart.

Meanwhile, let’s just listen to my favorite Sinatra tune of all time, which just happens to be Mark’s #1 as well. So grab yourself a small glass of Jack if you’re so inclined and start the weekend early:

And take heart - while F. Scott Fitzgerald may have believed there were no second acts in America that’s because he did his best work in his twenties before throwing in the towel and letting the booze win. Butt most of us manage to improve with age.

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