Sunday, July 19, 2015

Netroots Nation: Where Some Lives Matter and Some Don’t

Netroots Nation convened in Phoenix this weekend and it was such a target rich environment that even the Instapundit couldn’t even up. The incoming Twitter gems from Netroots 2015 were just too prolific for anyone to capture all of the good ones.

As always, Netroots was concerned with all things progressive from: Bees (#BeeLivesMatter)


to Racism (#BlackLivesMatterWhiteLivesNotSoMuch). Which led Martin O’Mally to apologize for his audacious assertion that “white lives matter” too.

martin-omalley “That was a mistake on my part.”

Finally, the congregation settled on Netroot’s main theme this year: white peoples’ failure to talk enough about – what else? – race. Many retweets expressed this sentiment butt I think Reyna’s said it best:


white supremacy

Sorry Reyna, butt somebody already tried that:

adolf hitler

And in case you’re too young to remember – and they failed to teach you this in school - a lot of white people ended that conversation. Unfortunately that “conversation” keeps coming up time and time again.


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