Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Barry

Happy Birthday Barry! Just 54 and you already have a legacy unlike any other American president in history! And I see you gave yourself a birthday present yesterday, with the swipe of your pen.

coaltrucksBarry’s Big New Dump Trucks

Finally, the end of the dirty coal era! If only your Mommy had let you play with trucks like other little boys, we might not be dealing with this now.

Oh well, it is what it is, as they say. Anyway, I made you a special coal cupcake for your birthday.


I wouldn’t eat it though, I’m not sure where it’s carbon footprint has been.


coal-shovel2You may see coal, butt all Barry sees is racism.


In other news, Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina spank their RINO rivals in the GOP “Sweet 16” Bracket Battle:


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