Monday, August 3, 2015

MOTUS 2016 GOP “Sweet 16” Battle: Brackets “E” & “G”

Our 2016 GOP Presidential Brackets Round 1 Battle continues as we winnow down the “Sweet 16.” Today’s battle pits Scott Walker against George Pataki in Bracket “E” (#EasyPic) and Jeb Bush against Carly Fiorina in Bracket “G” (#GoGirl)

If you missed the last battle, here’s the way it works: I generated my bracket matchups by starting with the results of the ABC/WaPo poll conducted July 16-19. I  then modified those results using Chicago Rules – or, as the lawyers say, I exercised “my will, whim and fancy” clause.  It’s the same clause  the  Supreme Court has  deemed to be part of the Executive Powers delineated in the Living Constitution.

So please join us in playing “ Viva El Presidente!” The game where Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter; butt like your votes, some matter more than others.


Today we pick the winners in  Brackets "E” and “G and, as always, Chicago Rules are in effect. Feel free to vote as early, as often and for as many candidates as you wish. You do not need ID and while citizenship is recommended, it’s never required. Voting ends at 11:59 PM EDT, Monday August 3, 2015. Results will be posted tomorrow.

And please remember: This is an exhibition not a competition. No wagering please.



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