Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trump: Willing To Kill The Constitution In Order To Save It? I’m OK With That.

Every day the media is filled with talking heads perplexed by the phenomenal success of The Donald.


They’ve no idea what is fueling his popularity, which in itself is indicative of their disconnect from the reality of our day-to-day existence. With a new poll showing The Donald in the lead among Republican candidates with a 40% share, heads are beginning to explode and shaky legs are beginning to crumble under the pollsters.

frank-luntz-pollster-600“This is real. I’m having trouble processing it. Like, my legs are shaking.” - Time

The only people more surprised about the appeal of The Donald than the media are members of the GOP elite (GOPe), the so called “establishment” and their consultants. The Ace of Spades addressed this the other day:

The vaunted consultant class does not know the most elemental things about the "constituency" they're paid to advise clients about. I put "constituency" in quotes because it's quite plain they do not consider the actual grassroots voter as their constituency. In fact, they do not consider them at all.

So I thought I’d take a minute today to explain why “a billionaire real estate mogul, TV celebrity and oft-accused demagogue who has never held office (is) leading the Republican field with some 22% [40% now] support in the polls?” It’s really quite simple: in the words of one of Frank Luntz’ focus group participants:

"We've got to show the Republicans that we've had it with them, that we will not be there every single time. They treat us like crap and they lie to us and promise us things and then they expect us to vote again,"

And with every indication that the GOPe powers-that-be intend to cram another moderate member of the Washington party down our throats, the natives are prepared to go Roman. They want change and they want it NOW. That’s where The Donald comes in.

In the field of R-word candidates, Trump stands alone. Not just because of his bombastic speech that expresses the sentiments of many other Americans. No, it’s because we sense that he - and he alone - has the hutzpah to grab the reins of what has been transformed into an imperial presidency under Obama and use them to reign - for the good of the American people this time.


To be a benign dictator if you will. Just for awhile, just until the Democrats realize what they’ve created with their Won and hustle around to take steps to dismantle it before the R-words can do any more damage. Which they will do, of course.

donald-trump-got-em-1024x536He may be a dictator, butt he’s OUR dictator.

The Donald’s supporters expect him to use his powers to undo much of the damage that the Won has inflicted on our once great Republic. And ask yourself, would anyone else – Cruz, Rubio, Walker…Bush – be willing to violate the Constitution in order to save the Constitution? I think not. And we sense that America needs someone who will. In order to “level the playing field” again and give our kids and grandkids a shot at enjoying an American life. And currently that someone exists only in the persona of The Donald: no matter how much you may like some of the others, he’s currently the only guy on the podium who actually knows how to seize the power at his disposal and use it to do what he thinks needs to be done to make America great again: deport illegal aliens? Boom. End anchor babies? Boom. Get rid of Obamacare and start over? Boom. Nullify the agreement with Iran? Boom, and I do mean Boom!

Yeah, it’s that simple. Americans are mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it anymore. We want our country back. And we don’t really care how goofy your hair is as long as you’ll do that for us. Transform us back.

trump eagle2

So I say yes to The Donald: the only one willing to kill the Constitution in order to save the Constitution. And I mean that in a good way.

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